Holy Ghost! - Bridge & Tunnel March 04 2014, 0 Comments

Bridge & Tunnel is definitely a standout track on Holy Ghost!'s Dynamics. We got remixes from space disco astronaut Prins Thomas and local legends Midnight Magic, and you can listen to 'em here. Available today wherever downloads are sold. Keep an eye out for a special double-pack 12" in a couple of months with these and some new stuff.

The Juan Maclean - Get Down (With My Love) February 14 2014, 0 Comments



Stoked to premiere a new single by The Juan Maclean today! Another 7 minute dancefloor burner, check out a stream by clickin' that big ol' label up there. It's available as an edition of 500 hand-stamped white label 12"s and digital. That is all.

Factory Floor - Turn It Up November 25 2013, 0 Comments

Thanks to Noisey for premiering the video for the first single from the Factory Floor LP, "Turn It Up". It will be out digitally December 9th, with a really fancy vinyl version to follow in 2014. Check it out below. 

Museum Of Love - Monotronic October 08 2013, 0 Comments

Pat Mahoney (founding member and drummer of LCD Soundsystem) and Dennis McNany (aka Jee Day, member of The Juan Maclean and founder of Run-Roc Records) have come together to form Museum Of Love.  Pat and Dennis met 14 years ago, but that doesn’t matter. Born of friendship 10,000 tallboys, 400 bistro burgers and 10 million cigarettes – here is the Museum of Love.

Dennis writes most of the music and Pat sings most of the words.  Their debut album is currently being recorded at DFA studios, due for release in early 2014. Friends are stopping by to help, more details to be announced soon.

The new single ‘Monotronic’ is out now on DFA Records - listen below.

Holy Ghost! - Okay (Music Video) September 20 2013, 0 Comments

Holy Ghost! team up with director Ben Fries (who has done all of their other amazing videos) for their latest single, "Okay". Give it a spin below. They have loads of live and DJ gigs coming up as well, so give those a peek here.

The Juan Maclean - Feel Like Movin' (Black Label Session) September 11 2013, 2 Comments

If you haven't snagged yr copy of the limited edition black label split Juan Maclean / Shit Robot single, maybe we can change your mind. Take a listen below on the infamous DFA turntable.

Shit Robot - We Got A Love (feat. Reggie Watts) September 11 2013, 1 Comment

On the heels of the rad new split The Juan Maclean / Shit Robot single, we are proud to share with you the video for the 'shittier' part of the split, starring a strange galactic man experiencing the glory of public transit. Check it out below.

Holy Ghost! - Live Video Roundup September 10 2013, 0 Comments

Our Holy Ghost! boys recently made their television debut on the Jimmy Kimmel show. Check out "Okay" and "Changing Of The Guard" (both from their new LP Dynamics) below.

While on the left coast, the boys also made a stop at KCRW's Morning Becomes Eclectic to play a set of songs new and classic. You can listen to it here for a limited time. They also filmed a couple of live videos, which are below.

Eric Copeland - Joke In The Hole August 06 2013, 0 Comments

For me, the story of Joke In The Hole starts on December 1, 2012. Working here, I had (of course) heard Black Dice albums and knew their story in the grand scheme of DFA, but I had never seen them live before. They played at Secret Project Robot (where Eric is employed) with Oneida, also icons of underground New York. Oneida were great, but the second the Dice played their first note, the entire audience. I suppose they are a bit notorious for being loud, but I had never heard anything so loud also be so lush and textural, and also so danceable. It was one of the best shows I had ever went to.

After the show finished, we stepped outside to chat with the Dice guys. As we said our goodbyes, Eric passed over a CD-R wrapped in a sheet of paper, with a hand-written track-listing on it. Eric said "This one is really special, I'd like for it to come out on DFA." Aside from a misinterpretation of his handwriting that caused us to mistakenly refer to the record as "Toke In The Hole" for the first couple of weeks, the process of forming that initial CD-R into a perfect double album was one of the smoothest and most rewarding so far in my time here.

Joke In The Hole is available in two vinyl editions. The version available today is in a double-thick color sleeve with 2 printed inners , all featuring collages designed and constructed by Eric himself. Available in a couple of weeks is an edition of 150 copies in a custom gatefold jacket with stamped white-label vinyl and unique interpretations of the "graphic elements" of the album artwork in black and white. It is also available on compact disc and as high-quality, DRM-free, reasonably priced digital downloads.

Listen to the album below, for a limited time.

Factory Floor - Turn It Up July 31 2013, 1 Comment

Very excited to debut the first single from the upcoming self-titled Factory Floor LP. We'll have preorder details soon, but for now, give an edit of the track a listen below.

Dan Bodan - Anonymous (The Uno Remixes) July 30 2013, 0 Comments

Continuing our descent into the left-field of dance music, we have here a pack of three "suitably fucked" (thanks, Pitchfork!) versions of Dan Bodan's recent single, Anonymous. UNO, which has received loads of underground accolades and attention including Resident Advisor Label of the Month and a showcase at Red Bull Music Academy, is home to artists as wildly disparate as the textural CFCF and the intense and bombastic Mykki Blanco. Charles "Mr. UNO" Damga is a former member of the DFA Staff and we couldn't be prouder.

Three of the top UNO guys took a crack at Anonymous - punk drummer and SP-404 wrangling Gobby, micro-sampling Fur, and the garage R&B producer Kuhrye-oo - and in the fine tradition of these post-internet record labels, we're giving them away for free, here. You can listen below or listen to loads of Dan Bodan on Spotify if you have some weird fear of commitment or you are one of those folks that only listens to music while connected to the internet.

Eric Copeland - Masterbater July 23 2013, 0 Comments

It's often kind of surprising to people when you mention that Beaches and Canyons by Black Dice was the first LP that DFA released. While it was critically acclaimed at the time, it seems to be experiencing a bit of a renaissance - you can hear bits of it in nearly every every bit of left-field electronic music released today. It also happens to line up very nicely with the (partial) return of Black Dice to the DFA family. Concurrent with Black Dice releases on Paw Tracks and Domino's Ribbon Music Imprint, Eric Copeland has released records on Catsup Plate, PPM, Underwater Peoples, Escho, Calico Corp. - a who's who of underground music.

Anyway - "Masterbater" is a 12 minute epic of a track written during the sessions for his forthcoming DFA LP "Joke In The Hole". Give it a listen below. Available now at DFA Direct as a limited one-sided 12", with a moderately inappropriate custom sleeve.

Larry Gus - The Night Patrols July 17 2013, 0 Comments

It seems like we've been waiting forever to give you all the first taste of the debut LP from Larry Gus (Years Not Living - you can preorder the fancy limited edition version here.) Just a heads-up - We have some really killer remixes coming from Bookworms (L.I.E.S.) and James Pants (Stones Throw) coming in a few weeks. And in case you missed it, we're still offering free downloads of Larry Gus' Silent Congas EP right here on DFA Direct.