Eric Copeland - Masterbater

It's often kind of surprising to people when you mention that Beaches and Canyons by Black Dice was the first LP that DFA released. While it was critically acclaimed at the time, it seems to be experiencing a bit of a renaissance - you can hear bits of it in nearly every every bit of left-field electronic music released today. It also happens to line up very nicely with the (partial) return of Black Dice to the DFA family. Concurrent with Black Dice releases on Paw Tracks and Domino's Ribbon Music Imprint, Eric Copeland has released records on Catsup Plate, PPM, Underwater Peoples, Escho, Calico Corp. - a who's who of underground music.

Anyway - "Masterbater" is a 12 minute epic of a track written during the sessions for his forthcoming DFA LP "Joke In The Hole". Give it a listen below. Available now at DFA Direct as a limited one-sided 12", with a moderately inappropriate custom sleeve.

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