Dan Bodan - Anonymous (The Uno Remixes)

Continuing our descent into the left-field of dance music, we have here a pack of three "suitably fucked" (thanks, Pitchfork!) versions of Dan Bodan's recent single, Anonymous. UNO, which has received loads of underground accolades and attention including Resident Advisor Label of the Month and a showcase at Red Bull Music Academy, is home to artists as wildly disparate as the textural CFCF and the intense and bombastic Mykki Blanco. Charles "Mr. UNO" Damga is a former member of the DFA Staff and we couldn't be prouder.

Three of the top UNO guys took a crack at Anonymous - punk drummer and SP-404 wrangling Gobby, micro-sampling Fur, and the garage R&B producer Kuhrye-oo - and in the fine tradition of these post-internet record labels, we're giving them away for free, here. You can listen below or listen to loads of Dan Bodan on Spotify if you have some weird fear of commitment or you are one of those folks that only listens to music while connected to the internet.

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