Eric Copeland - Joke In The Hole

For me, the story of Joke In The Hole starts on December 1, 2012. Working here, I had (of course) heard Black Dice albums and knew their story in the grand scheme of DFA, but I had never seen them live before. They played at Secret Project Robot (where Eric is employed) with Oneida, also icons of underground New York. Oneida were great, but the second the Dice played their first note, the entire audience. I suppose they are a bit notorious for being loud, but I had never heard anything so loud also be so lush and textural, and also so danceable. It was one of the best shows I had ever went to.

After the show finished, we stepped outside to chat with the Dice guys. As we said our goodbyes, Eric passed over a CD-R wrapped in a sheet of paper, with a hand-written track-listing on it. Eric said "This one is really special, I'd like for it to come out on DFA." Aside from a misinterpretation of his handwriting that caused us to mistakenly refer to the record as "Toke In The Hole" for the first couple of weeks, the process of forming that initial CD-R into a perfect double album was one of the smoothest and most rewarding so far in my time here.

Joke In The Hole is available in two vinyl editions. The version available today is in a double-thick color sleeve with 2 printed inners , all featuring collages designed and constructed by Eric himself. Available in a couple of weeks is an edition of 150 copies in a custom gatefold jacket with stamped white-label vinyl and unique interpretations of the "graphic elements" of the album artwork in black and white. It is also available on compact disc and as high-quality, DRM-free, reasonably priced digital downloads.

Listen to the album below, for a limited time.