NHK yx Koyxen

NHK yx Koyxen - Exit Entrance 12"
NHK yx Koyxen - Exit Entrance 12"

NHK yx Koyxen - Exit Entrance 12"


Exit Entrance is the DFA debut for Kohei Matsunaga aka NHK yx Koyxen. 

Kohei has been making / releasing music since 1997 and has recorded for such iconic labels as Mille Plateaux, Important, Pan & Diagonal. His latest recordings explore intricate drum programming, lush melodies & sparkling arrangements. Touchstones include the legendary Clicks & Cuts compilations from the 1990’s as well as Aphex Twin & Autechre. RA called his music “bombastic techno funk….unpredictable but rarely disappointing.” 

Exit Entrance is a collection of new songs that snap and flicker unlike anything Kohei has done in the past. There is a clarity and beauty to these tracks that bursts out of the speakers in a three dimensional way, matching the 3D glasses that the artist wears during all his live performances. The elegant arrangements and crisp drum breaks match the concise song titles – Kohei foregoes the typical impenetrable track names made up of numbers and shorthand, and opts for a more direct emotional sincerity through the sonic themes of the record. 

Not all the music here falls into the same exact formula. As the album heads towards a close, after several tracks of harmonious beauty, we get “Outset (for Mika Vainio),” a somber hushed techno tune, dedicated to his late friend and musical collaborator, who unexpectedly passed away earlier this year as the record was being completed. What follows after this track is perhaps the real catharsis, as “Dented” ominously kicks off with acidic stabs and rolls into a tumultuous dirge of gritty techno. 

In this regard, Exit Entrance can play out like a life cycle, a mini opera of birth and beauty, of sorrow and mourning. It is one of the most direct and honest records Kohei has ever made, and DFA is beyond proud to present this work from such an esteemed creative force in the electronic avant-garde world of music.

Track Listing:
1) Meeting
2) Finding
3) Intention
4) Dignity
5) Notice
6) Mutually
7) Outset (for Mika Vainio)
8) Dented


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NHK yx Koyxen - Reflexes (Cassette)
NHK yx Koyxen - Reflexes (Cassette)

NHK yx Koyxen - Reflexes (Cassette)


NHK yx Koyxen returns to DFA with Reflexes, a vivid, thorough revisiting of Exit Entrance, his 2017 debut for the label. Reflexes reimagines key songs and motifs from the first album, combining them with new material to create an entirely unique body of sonic permutations. 

Exit Entrance represented a subtle change in Matsunaga’s prolific discography (including releases for Mille Plateaux, Important, Pan and Diagonal) – the tracks held a newfound warmth and sincerity, while also retaining his revolutionary techno weirdness. Tiny Mix Tapes described the record as “intricate, lush electronic songs with simple titles that make you feel feelings,” while Boomkat praised its “lucidly crisp set of breakbeat techno and electro tricks.” 

Reflexes is warmer, more rich in texture and tone than Exit Entrance. Perhaps this is due to its emphasis on spontaneity and live hardware recordings when combined with the original tracks. In the process of recording the album, Kohei was not able to save any audio stems, so when asked about the possibility of making a few remixes, he instead created new iterations of Exit Entrance from scratch. 

Anyone familiar with Kohei’s training as an architect could invoke an ability of reconstruction here, but his process acts more as a testament to the way he is willing and able to make hard sounds malleable. Reflexes is both delicate and sharp, a shapeshifting maze of mood and melody, an ideal reflection of his past work and what is to come. 

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