Q&A - Tumbling Cubes

Q&A - Tumbling Cubes

Q: Who are Q & A?

A: Q & A are Quinn Luke & Alexis Georgopoulos.

Q: How did Quinn and Alexis meet?
A: The two were introduced by Chris Veltri, owner of legendary record shop GROOVE MERCHANT in San Francisco. Veltri and Luke had made a pair of plunderphonic dusted disco 12 inches under the name COPPA. Georgopoulos was a founder of the group TUSSLE and asked if COPPA would do a TUSSLE remix. This led to Luke acting as producer on the TUSSLE album TELESCOPE MIND.

Q: Can the roots of Q & A be heard on TELESCOPE MIND?
A: Yes. "WARNING," a song Alexis wrote in the studio which Quinn & Alexis then arranged and produced together as a duo. The track was critically-lauded, remixed by the likes of HOT CHIP, Switch (OPTIMO) and DENNIS YOUNG (of LIQUID LIQUID).

Q: Were they always called Q & A?
A: No. Initially calling themselves EXPANDING HEAD BAND, their first release was a remix of New Zealand's Shocking Pinks' "Cutout" for DFA.

Q: Did that get them a shit-ton of admirers among the DJ cognoscenti?
A: Hells yeah. The group has already gained an esteemed shortlist of admirers, among them TODD TERJE, SAL PRINCIPATO (LIQUID LIQUID), and BILL BREWSTER (DJ and author of leftfield disco classic LAST NIGHT A DJ SAVED MY LIFE).

Q: Is this their first 12 inch for the God-like dance music overlords at DFA?
A: Yes. “TUMBLING CUBES” is the A side. “TRAP DOOR” is on the flip.

Q: What sort of convoluted and way-nerdy musical metaphor will adequately describe the sound of “TUMBLING CUBES”?
A: “TUMBLING CUBES” is a svelte piece of Detroit-inspired electro, a lean charge where MR FINGERS meets TELEX and CARL CRAIG at THE HACIENDA.

Q: Why in the world would I flip the 12 inch over then?
A: Because “TRAP DOOR,” is a taut piece of flabby dirty disco, a dark cavern of sinister cool that comes off like a PADDED CELL edit of PATRICK ADAMS remixed by ANDREW WEATHERALL.

Q: Fuck yeah!
A: Uhhhh, not a question.