Tiago - Disambiguation (Digital)

Tiago - Disambiguation (Digital)

Tiago's "Disambiguation" begins like an aural sea, with a surface made of synthesized swells that rise, fall and crest again. Beneath these waves are briefly clangorous metallic noises, searing electro hisses, long-armed synth stretches, and a never ending beat. There are moments of understated beauty floating through this perfect marriage of disco and house, sounds that are there and gone: a bassline that stairsteps and synthetic strings that follow suit; playful keyboard melodies; and percussion provided by Tiago himself, who fell in love with music when he learned to play drums as a kid.

"Nada a Perder" ("Nothing to Lose") shies away from the extravagance suggested by its name and instead feels relaxed – at least at its outset. Against shape shifting synths and the sound of piano house, percussion takes a leading role here, including finger snaps and clanging cowbells. The energy builds to a peak but, even when things are at their most frenetic, this track never loses its studied composure.

Tiago Miranda's remixes and releases have been issued on Disco Devil, Italians Do It Better, Rong Music, Ene, Hands of Time, Eskimo and Claremont 56. He is one half of DJ duos Slight Delay, The Sea Power & Change, and Mendes & Alçada, and also handles mutiple duties in the band Gala Drop. Tiago has been DJ'ing seven hour sets almost every weekend for more than a decade at the infamous Lux in Lisbon, Portugal.


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