Marcus Marr - The Music

Marcus Marr - The Music

Marrying pre-Roland early '80's US dance music with his love of early '90's Andrew Weatherall remixes, his playful and intricate productions aim to surprise the listener. In a dance music world ever-more saturated by imagination-free releases,

Marr is taking a refreshing quality-over-quantity approach. A songwriter and multi-instrumentalist as well as a producer and engineer, his inspirations include David Bowie and Prince. A music obsessive all his life, his first encounters with dance music were the acid house records which augmented his vinyl collection of rock and soul, and attending all night parties under Brixton's St Matthews church. Traveling to the south of England to watch DJ Harvey play an lengthy set, and armed with a mixtape of left-field disco in his hand from his old friend and sparring partner, Felix Dickinson, he was opened up to the kind of journey a dj could construct.

Playing all of the EU and in the US - Marr aims to show the scope of his influences from house and disco, peppering his sets with new, unreleased grooves and his own personal edits of classic material.

notes from Marcus Marr:

re The Music :

Now i love machine music BUT... instead of using a sample - perhaps from a 1981 boogie record - I played all the parts to imitate an expensively-produced 1981 US Dance record. As the track evolved, the elements had to all be played by hand and then tightened in the computer just enough to start to sound like top-line session men from 1981. (I can play a bit but I'm just in total awe of those guys- I need a computer to help me to play intricate parts for 7 minutes non-stop!)

re Pleasure Moon :

That was after a heavy night, I was making my morning coffee- Still half asleep- I found i had no milk in the flat. So, bleary-eyed and hungover, I went to the local store. I got the melody on the way to the shop. The interlocking bassline and timbale percussion part came on the way back. By the time I sat down at the computer I had the whole song. I mapped it straight away. With the sounds I chose, I wanted to nod to early 90's Andy Weatherall production which I love.

The spoken-word part came about later on. After she'd sung my melody, I got the wonderful Helena Ward to impersonate the voice of Ornella Muti, who played Princess Aura in 1980 kitch-fest 'Flash Gordon'. She kidnaps Flash and takes him to her 'secret pleasure moon'.


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