The Crystal Ark - Dubs (Digital)

The Crystal Ark - Dubs (Digital)

The band has the following to say about these remixes:

“Mixing The Crystal Ark album was a deep process. Viva Ruiz and I spent a month in the studio with Matt Thornley and as we mixed the tracks we discovered that certain parts of them sounded so wonderful and driving when stripped down that we did some extra mixes to highlight this aspect. It felt connected to the "Dub" or "Techno" mixes you'd find on late 80's - mid 90's dance 12"s, which were often much more pounding than the original versions of the tracks, more geared to the dance floor than the radio.”
-Gavin Russom, The Crystal Ark

"We wanted to create some more DJ friendly versions of some of the songs, so we approached it like we would a traditional remix, with the difference of doing most of the moves live on analog gear. Kind of old school DUB style. This way it captured more energy and spontaneity than if we had planned every move before hand. "
-Matt Thornley, The Crystal Ark

“At the end of the very intense process of mixing the tracks for the record, Gavin, Matt and I were excited to approach these tracks with an entirely different perspective. In my mind, I saw these tracks going out to the people holding down the dance floor, those people who are the VIPS at any function, so for me essentially these dubs are dedicated to the dancers.”
-Viva Ruiz, The Crystal Ark



  1. Ascension (Deep Mix)
  2. Paradise (Space Mix)
  3. Rain (XXXtended Mix)
  4. We Came To (House Mix)
  5. We Came To (Dub Mix) - Digital Only Bonus Track