Factory Floor - Heart Of Data / Babel 12"

Factory Floor - Heart Of Data / Babel 12"

H/O/D Records UK / H/O/D001 / 2018


Debut release on Factory Floor's own label.

A. Heart Of Data (soundtrack edit)

B. Babel (soundtrack edit)


"Factory Floor are the latest to do that electronic musician’s rite of passage; re-scoring Fritz Lang’s silent cinematic landmark Metropolis, with results shared on the 1st release thru their H/O/D Records.

After shedding a member and regathering thoughts, FF’s Nik Colk Void and Gabriel Gurnsey reveal a sleeker new sound here, easing off the brittleness of their earlier releases with more smoothly contoured, malleable designs for dancefloor fluidity. 

Heart Of Data (Soundtrack Edit) is the more ‘floor focussed cut, working skittish, latinate drum trills in and around arcing synths in a way that smartly conveys the futuristic architectural designs and themes of their subject, especially when their vision really comes together in the final third. s

On the other hand, Babel (Soundtrack Edit) finds them working with almost Cumbia or Dembow shuffle on an elastic meter, sounding like techno on 33 not 45, and embedded in tactile, sticky bed of phasing synth washes for the 12 minute duration." - Text provided by Boomkat