Sworn Virgins - Strangers Hands 12"

Sworn Virgins - Strangers Hands 12"

Side A: The Male Man / Slide Little Monster
Side B: Searchin For Hiro / RWA

The table has been flipped over, the wine spilled on their custard coloured linen suits, and the pudding squitted all over their dumbfounded faces. A new chapter has been written, one dedicated to the unwanted. Love songs for losers, a dance with the undesirables, a five minute walk in the park after dark while the kids sleep cozy.

Sworn Virgins, school never taught us these valuable lessons, but life taught us good. Elbows deep in the adventure, eyes closed while driving. Strip yourselves down and slather yourselves up in it.

The vinyl is housed in a UV gloss sleeve with a printed inner.

Recorded, produced and mixed at DEEWEE
Art direction by III-Studio