Junto Club - Warm Me Up 12"

Junto Club - Warm Me Up 12"

Glasgow's Junto Club return with their second EP. In their own words...

This is the second in our planned trilogy of Junto Club EPs. If the first was the birth of the Junto Club, this is the middle-aged existential crisis.

We've followed the same ethos as the first EP, allowing the music to develop organically rather than being restricted by considerations of genre. Naturally, this was shaped by our experiences of the first EP.

While the first EP developed through our experimentation with new sounds behind closed doors, this EP was the result of our attempts to retrospectively understand those creations and the interpretations of others. These reflections were mixed with our reimagining of those discoveries and our experiences of their live performance.

Warm Me Up is not the same as the Junto Club EP because those virgin sessions can never be recreated. Nor should they be. This is the middle aged existential crisis of the Junto Club. And we hope you enjoy dancing to it.