Shit Robot - Where It's At 12"

Shit Robot - Where It's At 12"

Limited edition of 600 light-green colored vinyl.

Shit Robot and DFA are psyched to release “Where It’s At” another in a long-running series of collaborations with the singer/comedian/television star Reggie Watts. Reggie Watts’ vocal performance runs the gamut of Chicago dance music history - from the gloom and melodrama of iconic label Wax Trax, to the jubilant choruses of Frankie Knuckles’ house anthems. But let’s not de-emphasize the solid instrumentation provided by Mr. Marcus ‘Shit Robot’ Lambkin – we’ve got that classic DFA bassline, claps, and bleeps and bloops aplenty – mixed and manipulated by none other than our own James Murphy. The flip features a remix by London producer Johnny Aux, who turns the track into a staticy, stripped down, raw Deep House banger, with hissing glimmers of icy cymbals peeking through the smog.


1. Where It's At

2. Where It's At (Johnny Aux Remix)